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Jewelry Appraisal in Rockland, MA

Having your valuable jewelry appraised can be an important thing to do for a couple different reasons. It is good for you to know exactly what your prized pieces are worth, but you will also need an appraisal if you plan to get jewelry insurance for high priced pieces, like your engagement ring.

What Is A Jewelry Appraisal

It is not uncommon for certain jewelry, like an engagement ring, to come with a diamond grading report, otherwise called a diamond certificate, and a jewelry appraisal. The grading report is created at a gemological lab and it lists the details of the unset diamond, it's cut, color, clarity and carat. But this report doesn't provide a value.

The jewelry appraisal in Rockland, MA on the other hand evaluates the complete piece of jewelry and provides a value for that complete piece. jewelry appraisal in Rockland, MA. The appraiser will look at the metals, the design and all of the gems or diamonds used to make that piece of jewelry.

Go To An Independent Jewelry Appraiser

While you may receive an appraisal from the jeweler when you buy the jewelry it is a good idea to get your own appraisal at an independent jewelry appraiser. Appraising jewelry is not an exact science so you may not get the same results at two different appraisers. Not always, but sometimes the appraisal you receive from the jeweler can be a little inflated. If this is the case it can work to the the advantage of the salesperson. They may claim you are buying the jewelry under the appraised value making you think you are getting a great deal.

It is a good idea to ask about the jeweler's return policy so you can have your purchase appraised to see if it is worth what you paid for it, if not it is good to have the option to return it. But you also need an independent jewelry appraisal in Rockland, MA if you are going to insure it. For starters the insurance company may require it. But if they don't and you pay insurance premiums based on a high appraisal you may be paying more than you need to in premiums each year.

Get Periodic Appraisals

It is a good idea to appraise valuable jewelry every couple of years because with market fluctuations of gold, silver and gems the value of your jewelry may fluctuate as well. As you get updated appraisals you should provide them to your insurance carrier so they can adjust the value of your jewelry insurance if needed as well.